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1999 SCORE
San Felipe 250

March 19/20/21


Race & Relaxation along Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortez.. What a TRIPPY experience!

sunrise over the Sea of Cortez (Bay of San Felipe)

San Felipe Boardwalk during Contingency (Friday)

#720 driver: "Bad to the Bone" Cory

Photo by Photomen Pictures Films (TEL 73-92-44 Ensenada, B.C.)
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"Chargin" George Seeley in the "Yellow Bullet" near the start, went on to claim 2nd position in Class 5

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George Seeley's "Yellow Bullet" airing-it-out @Borrego jump

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Team Spirit

Video Action

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#108 Rod Muller's ("Big Dawg Racing") on-the-tear at Borrego.. One of the handful of cars supplying the best action.. He claimed 2nd in Class 1, 4th overall.

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#116 Rick Wilson (Wilson Motorsports) barreling-through at Borrego.. One of the handful of cars supplying the best action.. He claimed 9th in Class 1, 21st overall.

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#126 Ryan Arciero on-time at Borrego.. Taking care of the car, saving it for a strong finish. He claimed 3rd in Class 1 (missed 2nd by FOUR seconds!! Talk about close..), 5th overall.

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#19 Ed Herbst (Herbst Boys) 1st 4-wheel vehicle thru at Borrego.. 1st in Trophy Truck, 1st overall. They "cleaned-up", as the saying goes..

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#1014 Miguel Tornel (76 Racing) getting good-air at Borrego jump. 4th in Class 10, 18th overall.

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#100 Troy Herbst (Herbst Boys) wrapping up the day at Zoo Road.. 14th in Class 1. Good job in finishing the race, along with Mark Post/Jerry Welchel (15th in Class 1). Both have strong & competitive cars, but were gamers & fought through down-time.

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#51a Gilbert Castro getting air at Zoo Road.. (one of the BEST performers in terms of AIR-TIME!! Many cars taking-it-easy on the way to a finish) 5th in Sportsman ATV. He was "racier" than most of the cars!!

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Jerry Welchel & Mark Post (#112, HOT Class 1 car!) discussing their race-day. Interesting war stories, very animated conversation! (this is just 1 of 4 of their stories, see Finish section for more).

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Yees Racing, cool-down @ finish-line. Kicking back, relaxing with team members after a good days racing. Very animated & fun group. They gave me one of their team T-shirts, cool..

Finish Line

Borrego Jump


Zoo Road Crossing

Scenic Photos

Off-Camber Of The Day: "Green" Class 10

"I Hit the Borrego Jump HARD"


mid-air "roll"

.. hang in there ..

off-camber landing


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