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[ Race ] Zoo Road Crossing
SCORE San Felipe 250


#1403 catching air over zoo-road berm

"Guerilla Girl" Bekki Freeman on her way to 2nd

#1603 (local boys), ready to strap-in

#1603 (local boys), rear half-shaft getting repair

#1610 launching off zoo-road berm..

Troy Herbst rushing to the finish-line

#506 DNF'd, trailered on the way back to pits

#51a ATV very *racy*, good action!

splash of fuel, for the last leg to the finish

#57a ATV getting support from crew

#7xx (unknown) getting racy over the rollers

typical zoo-road crowd, hanging from the rafters!

zoo-road crowd, taking in the action

George Seeley #501 cruising in, after repairs

#558 Mario Ledezma, charging to a class win

my 4x4 supplying shade for spectators

#17 Kreg Donahoe rushing in for a good finish

#72 Mcpherson TT cruising in for 2nd in division