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Contingency (Friday)
SCORE San Felipe 250


race gear for #1013, tech inspection

#1010 crew putting on contingency stickers

"Keep it Together": only way to bring home a finish!

evening on beach, in front of Boardwalk

front-end a-arms for Baldwin #66 Trophy Truck

rear by-pass shocks Baldwin #66 Trophy Truck

pet dog using the co-driver safety net

from Nick Baldwin's Class 1, racing rules..

Spring Break celebrant at the Beachcomber Club

Beer in Mexico is GOOD..

band instruments on Boardwalk

Friendly hospitality in San Felipe

Herbst Trophy Truck #19 on way to Tech Inspection

Herbst Boys Crew relaxing at Rockodile, before race

Doug Fortin's Class 1 motor is "lethal"

McMillin Class 1 support crew on contingency

the hood of one of the Mexican Racers

Mexican band, seen from the sidewalk cafe

Nick Baldwin's hood, the "Hedgehog"

#720, "Bad to the Bone" Cory

San Felipe hospitality, on the Malarcon (Boardwalk)

great T-shirt, bought at San Felipe boardwalk

#1499 has an easygoing attitude

Tiemann Trophy Truck, Chevrolet all the way..

wagon with swing-arms & Bilstein shocks

Xtreme OffRoad,, Go Hard or Go Home

Yee's Class 7 in front of the BeachComber Club

Make Love, Not War

Kick Sand In Your Face: Yes!

I'm a prisoner of my own (racing) mind..