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[ Race ] Borrego
SCORE San Felipe 250


Off-Camber Of The Day: "Green" Class 10

"I Hit the Borrego Jump HARD"


mid-air "roll"

.. hang in there ..

off-camber landing

Class 22 10x, motorcycle airing it out

#1010 getting gnarly off-camber air

3 friends from Mexicali, enjoying the race

#19 Trophy Truck 1st vehicle thru, on way to 1st overall

#108 Rod Muller blasting through

3 amigos, watching #134 "crash" the Borrego jump

Class 1 soaring over the berm

George Seeley #501, 20 min lead.. airing it out..

#700 on way to class win

McPherson TT, about to get passed by a Class 10

#1009 Ben Schlimme racing to class win

Ryan Arciero on his way to 3rd in class 1

Rick Wilson barreling through..

#1014 Miguel Tornel flying through..