That's Robby Gordon tear-assing around the closed-track, at the 1990 Crandon Brush Run 101 World Championships. Has he got guts, or what? He's been quoted as "Go for the gusto, go for the over-all.." I.e., let's win the over-all position, not just the individual class.

By the way, I'm in a particularly dangerous spot. A race car was pulled over nearby, and the driver was telling me that was a "bad" spot to be caught in. A few yrs later, a photographer was killed at this track (well, he was co-riding). A couple yrs ago, an ESPN photographer was killed in the Mojave desert (got nailed head-on by a Class 8 truck, like above). Looking back, I realize I was putting myself in a lot of RISKY positions. Many people I know have been injured (broken backs, in wheelchairs), and even killed. Dangerous stuff. Heck, I even co-rided with a friend -- naturally, we wrecked. Bruised spine, broken ribs. Couldn't walk for a few months. OUCH.

Robby spent the last few seasons campaigning in IndyCar, and got himself 2 wins (Phoneix 200 and the Detroit road-race). He's switched over to NASCAR this year, and will be campaigning with Felix Sabates' team. Supposedly, he had the 2nd fastest practice time for the upcoming Daytona 500. Good luck, man. For more about Robby, check out: http://www.race-it.com/offroad/gordon.htm

My other pal, Rob MacCachren getting serious "air-time" at the Glen Helen OHV short track. Damn, check out that "angle of attack" -- the "landings" are the hard part.. One of the nicest guys I've ever met, even waved at me at the Fireworks 250 as he was approaching a "jump", while waiting to take a shot. Hey Rob, keep both hands on the steering wheel! He was driving an ultra-trick hi-tech "low-rider" for Venable Racing, last season. He & Robby Gordon were neck & neck for the season points championship. There's talk Rob MacCachren might be campaigning a truck for Robby Gordon (car owner). Robby's NASCAR schedule is far too busy, to allow him to dabble in off-road.

This is my good friend George Seeley, Jr., mild-mannered furniture retailer by week -- Class 5 off-road racing demon on weekend. He's gotten some major "air-time" shots, which have earned publication in many magazines and inclusion in an ESPN off-road opening promo. He won the season championship a couple yrs ago, and just won the '96 Baja 1000! He essentially won the Baja 500, but was victimized by a bunch of crybaby protesters. The Baja 500 & Baja 1000 in the same season -- damn, that's NOT bad.. He just won the Parker 400, the opening '97 race. This was the car that I co-rode in, that got me hurt. For more information on SCORE off-road racing, check out http://www.score-international.com/

This is Lynn St. James, nailing a nasty dip & catching big-time "air". She was given this one-time off-road ride, at the '92 Nissan 400. After racing IndyCar, she is now campaigning in the competing Indy Racing League (IRL). I met her @ Long Beach Grand Prix, and she autographed a 16x20 print for me. Boy, was she surprised when I showed her my shot. Very nice person.

This is Roger Mears (older brother of Rick Mears, his younger brother who is a 4-time Indy 500 winner), on the last leg of the San Felipe 250. He autographed a 20x30 print for me, very nice guy. Professional all the way. At the Nevada 500, on the last few miles, he pulled over and calmly asked me whether his right-front tire was keeping pressure. I said "no problem", and sped off towards the finish line.

This is Larry Ragland , on the northern loop of the Baja 500 in '93. This was shot with a 50mm lens -- he is passing another car, and it gave me a REAL close "shave". Whew. He won the last 2 Baja 1000's consecutively, quite a feat

This is Jack Johnson , the 1st "jump" after the opening 50 yd pavement "drag race". Right off the start, he is "sticking" it. The adrenalin is pumping, baby..

This is Jerry Welchel , the "rhythm" section of the Willow Springs short-track ('91). Passing another car, he's "sticking" it. No guts, no glory..

This is Dave Ashley , the finishing leg of the Nevada 500 ('91). He's a consistent driver, with many wins and season championships. Nice guy. Their pit crew once generously offered me a couple quarts of auto-transmission fluid. I had a bad leak way out in the pine forest near Ojos Negros (northern Baja).
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