This is Angelie Almendare, who is an upcoming star.. She's a full-time model & actress, with numerous magazine credits & TV appearances. She's had several appearances on Prime Time TV, like "Baywatch" & "Renegade". (Ironically, I also had a Baywatch appearance by accident) She's a genuinely nice person, with a great attitude. It's no surprise, she is doing as well as she does. I expect bigger & better things for her in the future. What a gal. Click HERE to goto her homepage (Wow!)

I call her "Super Girl". She's a down-to-earth person, who is physically very active. She's involved with various sports activities (roller-blading, jet-skiing, hiking, target shooting, etc.), and isn't afraid to *rough-it* outdoors. (example: She once found a snake, took it home, and kept it as a pet.. Now, how many beautiful models are capable of this, huh?) Then, she gets dressed up and becomes this pristine specimen of female-beauty. Right up there with the best-looking women, one of the best I've ever seen.

This is Shannon Rae, who is another full-time model with aspirations of a singing career. Like Angelie, she's also a very nice person with a great attitude. She recently had an appearance on the Jay Leno Show.

This is Cyndi Lauper at the '95 Emmy Awards, who can always be counted on making a "splash" fashion statement. She was exhausted after the ceremonies, and was gracious enough to take time out for autograph signing for her fans. I was impressed.

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