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[ 38 ° x 57 ° FOV ]


frame #8 (4:00 - 4:05 am PST, 11/16)

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15+ deg meteor-trail, in Orion (pointing toward M42, cutting through Barnard's Loop). Orion (& radiant Gemini, is above & out-of-the-frame) is setting in the west. This image shows the familiar pattern of Orion the Hunter, along with Sirius (Canis Major) & Taurus: a familiar sight in the winter north sky. Note that the crescent moon (& nearby Mars) has risen in the east.

Note the red nebulosities. The Rosette Nebula (Monoceros) in the Winter Milky Way. And, the 2 characteristic (faint) nebulas around Orion: Barnard's Loop & .

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