1999 CART
Long Beach Grand Prix

April 16/17/18


"loose" rear..



limp to pits

J. Montoya & crew

J. Vasser conversing with fans

Castro-Neves passing De Ferran on backstraight (warmup)

Franchitti chasing Montoya on backstraight (warmup)

M. Gugelmin on backstraight (warmup)

Jourdain, D'Matta, Pruett on backstraight (warmup)

T. Kanaan on backstraight (warmup)

J. Montoya on backstraight (warmup)

A. Fernandez on backstraight (warmup)

P. Tracy on backstraight (warmup)

PPI team working on MCI car

Team Gordon working like mad

popoff valve being distributed to teams

Ford-Cosworth engine (Newman-Haas)

damaged chassis after warmup-crash

changing gearbox by Team Marlboro

a REAL racing fan (front)

a REAL racing fan (back)

PJ Jones giving an autograph

M Blundell before the race

pre-race festivities: Navy Seals

Turn 1: Kanaan, Montoya, Franchitti

Video Action

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BIG hit during pre-race warmup (S. Hattori) [ NOTE: the idiotic shouting was from the dork next to me ]

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R. Gordon passing Marques, followed by throng of cars

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front-straight, just before Texaco bridge (approaching Turn 1)

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Turn 1: Kanaan, Montoya, Franchitti leading the way..


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