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SCORE Laughlin Race


Kreg Donahoe Goin' For It: ABSOLUTELY AIRBORNE on the main jump : going for lap-time AND jump-record. NOTE: this was lap before the "crash" (see below)

Kreg Donahoe Goin' For It: He "broke" the jump record (> 136 feet, set by Larry Roeseler of Team McPherson) of the event, LITERALLY..

Kreg Donahoe & co-driver "walked away from it" (INCREDIBLE). They let the crowd know in "no uncertain terms"...

post-crash yellow-flag (for the hairpin), safety crew at work
NOTE: the left-rear rim completely sheared off at the knock-off hub

Mcpherson/Roeseler TT making a PASS *in the air*, off the main jump. No Guts, No Glory..

Jon Herder (Class 1), set fast lap for Sunday's race. He & Mark Post (Riviera Racing) were BOOKIN' all race...

Troy Herbst (Class 1), doing a post-race interview. He got overall for the combined 2-day event

Troy Herbst's Class 1 formula-desert car, aka "Truggy". Quote from Troy's post-race comments: "This car is SO GOOD..."

George Seeley, Jr (Class 5) predicted a strong showing (ala Robby Gordon's style), & backed it up with a 1st place

CLICK HERE goto George Seeley's webpage

Hero Of The Day: Kreg Donahoe

"I Came, I Raced, I Conquered"

"The Human Highlight Film (Trophy Truck)"


mid-air "correction"


Kreg Donahoe's '99 "Out of Control Tour": WE WANT THE WORLD, AND WE WANT IT... *NOW*..

Dude, check out Class 1 Ryan Arciero's "move" (Kreg's buddy) off the main jump..

Pass Of The Day: Ryan Arciero/Bob Gordon

"No FEAR, Baby.."

"The Human Highlight Film (Class 1)"





Ryan Arciero goin' for the pass (vs Pat Dean) on the main jump.. (frame #2 of 4)

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Kreg Donahoe (Dodge #17) in "Kill-Mode" midway thru the race: he's lookin' to make a MOVE... BUT Murphy's Law catches up, AND there's a nasty 4-revolution tumble (incl tire "exploding": you can hear it in the audio soundtrack)..

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Kreg Donahoe (Dodge #17) in "Kill-Mode".. (on the lap previous to the crash). His basic "attitude". I guess he takes it from his buddy Robby Gordon. Both have shops in Anaheim, CA). See Donahoe Racing & Robby Gordon Racing

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Mcpherson/Roeseler (Chevy) Trophy-Truck making a mid-air pass on a Spec Truck

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Kreg Donahoe's acknowledgement to the crowd (& the crowd cheering in response), after the nasty 4-revolution tumble

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Lap 2: Ryan Arciero chasing Mr. Waddell

Ryan was on Mr. Waddell's tail off the main jump, continued the pressure on the ensuing hairpin. [ Ask Ryan, where the pass was made

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Lap 3: Ryan Arciero chasing Pat Dean

Ryan was on Pat's tail off the main jump, continue the pressure on the ensuing hairpin. 2 jumps later at the 2nd hairpin, Ryan pulled off the pass..[ crowd cheering like mad ]

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Lap 4: Ryan Arciero chasing #119

Ryan was on #119's tail (whose motor was "hurt", & smoking) off the main jump, continued the pressure on the ensuing hairpin. The pass was made..[ crowd cheering like mad ]

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