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Comet Hale-Bopp 3/23/97
(PLUS *Lunar Eclipse*)

6x7 camera on 610mm f6 lens w/field-flattener (Traveler). Taken during totality phase of lunar eclipse (~8:38 pm). Comet is JUST beginning to set below hill-line. The ion tail is barely visible due to heavy atmospheric extinction, but the very bright dust tail still records well. The color also reflects the thick atmospheric condition, i.e. light scattering (yellowish reddish).

This is a 1000mm shot (5 inch APO refractor) of the lunar eclipse (totality), around 8:38 pm PST. What a magnificent sight to see this dark-ruddish-red glow, suspended above the serene desert. The sunlight gets scattered by the earth's atmosphere, and that's why the moon appears *reddish*. Due to varying atmospheric conditions (volcanic eruptions causing higher than usual atmospheric dust, etc.), the reddish tinge can vary from copper to deep-red.

This is a telephoto shot, using a 1000mm APO refractor and Barlow lens. Partial phase after totality phase. You can see the moon exiting the Earth's shadow. Wow. A memorable moment.

This is a telephoto shot, using a 200mm lens. A bit later than above picture, looking towards the western horizon, from a small hill in the middle of a *desert moonscape*. Moon is just setting below hill-line. The colors!! Note the pinkish glow, due to sunrise from east. What a magnificent sight to see this *arrangement*, set against a beautiful forground. Wow. A memorable moment.

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