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Angeles Forest (near Mt. Wilson), California (USA)

Photo Atlas/Observations

Multiple Exposure (35mm lens) interval=10 min, start=5:13pm PDT, max eclipse = 6:23pm PDT

Mt. Wilson towers to the left of photo, site is off the Angeles Forest Highway.

weather clear & cool, elevation is above the marine layer (it was a factor for metro-LA below the mountain: rolls in during early am & late pm).

Photography-wise, decided to do only a mutliple-exposure shot (simple setup with camera on a tripod). Visual-wise, just used a Baader solar filter: eye & with Pentax 10x25 binoculars. At ~5:45pm (30 min after 1st contact), I could feel the air getting cooler. At 6:23pm (max eclipse), the air was markedly cooler. An airplane in the west had a weird silverish look to it (almost looked like an UFO). I really couldn't tell by looking at the surrounding, that the sun was blocked by an eclipsing moon. (see '94 annular solar eclipse, where the surroundings were noticeably "strange" at max eclipse)
Saw 2 major sunspots.

For other partial & annular solar eclipse, see:

  • '00 partial eclipse near Mt. Wilson (few miles from above location)
  • '94 annular eclipse near Bahia de Los Angles (Baja Mexico)
  • '92 annular eclipse near La Jolla, CA